Expansion and Release: Fundamentals of Pranayama

Sunday, APril 15, 2018 | 1:30-3:30 pm | Yoga for all beings

Humans could live a few weeks without food, a few days without water, but only a few minutes without breath. Breath is an essential element to keeping us alive, but in our yoga practice, it often gets put by the wayside, relative to our pursuits of asanas, or physical postures. In this workshop, we'll explore the importance of pranayama, the practice of controlling the breath. The breath is one of the most vital and important elements of the practice of yoga. Pranayama is more than just inhale and exhale: it's a practice of managing the nervous system, controlling the mind, and preparing for higher experience of consciousness and meditation, all with the control of the breath. Join Jessica for this opportunity to  delve deeper into this practice. After a brief lecture and conversation about prana, its functions, and its movements through the body, we'll enjoy a practice designed to create ease and space in the body and prepare us for a seated pranayama practice.


Participants will:

  • understand what prana is and its function in health
  • learn the five vayus, how prana moves through the body, and how the bandhas affect the flow of prana
  • discover how pranayama techniques affect both the body and the mind
  • practice several techniques that will cultivate strength and poise in the body and clarity and stillness in the mind

Some yoga experience is recommended. Students should plan to take notes, and if possible, plan to attend workshop with an empty stomach. 

Wear comfortable clothing you can both practice and relax in, and bring a sweater in case you might get cold. Bring your yoga mat and whatever you like to take notes with.

  • Yoga For All Beings is located at 508 North Hoyne Avenue, one block west of Damen and a half-block north of Grand. It is accessible by both the no. 50 and no. 65 buses via CTA.
  • Other questions? Call the studio or contact Jess