Jessica's stories and essays have been featured in WarplandPackingtown ReviewHairTrigger, and on WBEZ's Eight Forty Eight and their summer 2012 series, "Race Out Loud". Read and listen to some of Jessica's work below.


Ms. Fit Magazine highlights

"We Are Stardust: Faith, Yoga and How the Universe Showed Me What I'm Made Of"

"Tantra: Yoga Kink or Sacred Communion?" 


The Urbaness Highlighs

Inside the Studio: Interview with Legendary Chicago Artist Nicole Hollander

Pearly Peas: Chicago Food Deserts Have Met Their Match

Touching Earth: A Meditation Oasis


wbez highlights

Race Out Loud: The Cultural Oddness of Yellow Cake

Eight Forty Eight: Truth Versus Grace


2nd Story

How I Learned to Cook 


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