Below, you'll find Jess's complete teaching schedule:

  • Foundational Yoga, Tuesday, 7:30-8:45, Tejas Yoga

  • All-Levels Vinyasa, Wednesday, 12-1 pm, Yoga for All Beings

  • Introduction to Yoga, Wednesday, 7-8:30 pm Tejas Yoga

  • Gentle Yoga, Thursday, 12-1 pm Tejas Yoga

  • Gentle Yoga, Thursday, 6-7 pm, Tejas Yoga

  • Gentle Yoga, Saturday, 12-1 pm, Tejas Yoga

  • Open Level Yoga, Sunday, 8-9:30 am, Tejas Yoga

Jess also substitutes occasionally around Chicago. Please check back regularly for class updates and additions, and follow on Twitter for up-to-date info on pop-up classes. 

Note: Check out Jess's Facebook page or Twitter feed for any last-minute changes or pop-up substitutions. 

Private yoga

Is a class too intimidating? Worried you'll spend the whole time thinking about whether the person next to you can see the hole in your shorts, or that you'll compare yourself to others? Maybe you've never done yoga before and you'd like to start slower; maybe you'd like to work with a teacher on a specific goal or posture. Or maybe you'd like to create a special yoga experience for yourself or your loved ones. Whatever your situation, private yoga can make a great addition to your practice, be it fledgling or advanced.

Yoga should be affordable and accessible for everyone who wants to practice. Private yoga can sometimes be prohibitively expensive, but talk to Jessica about the possibility of private yoga sessions on a sliding scale. Don't let fear of being able to pay hold you back from taking care of yourself. To reach Jessica to discuss booking a private yoga session, go to Contact.