Still curious about what it’s like to work with Jess? Here are some words from her students and colleagues.

A great yoga experience is all about a great yoga experience is all about a great yoga instructor, and Jessica is exactly that!
— Genhi B.

“Jess has a spiritual way of teaching. She truly cares for her students. Her assists and instructions always facilitate an open feeling that has allowed me to go deeper into each pose, and to accept my body at any given point in time.

“Working with Jess throughout my pregnancy has taught me how to make room for my growing baby. Jess also taught me how draw my baby closer to me while staying mindful of my breath and changing core. When I wasn’t sure how much I should be using my core Jess showed me how connect with the muscles around the baby to help move him even before labor. I feel so much more confident about my ability to deliver my baby because of her teachings!” —Julia N.

“I was new to yoga when I took Jessica’s class. We eventually arranged for some one on one help because I needed to jump start things.  Jessica provided wonderful instruction and inspiration. She pushed and pulled, listened and answered, instructed and guided. Jessica taught by example, not just with deep knowledge, but with enthusiasm and joy and humor and energy. Jessica created a very comfortable environment for this novice, and is simply a delight to be around.” —Michael C.

She excels at explanation and truly listening to her students...
— Erin B.

“Jess is an exceptional teacher by any measure. Her asana sequences are inventive, safe, challenging, and accessible. Her lucid dharma talks can land like a firecracker in your lap. Her music and grace deepen a watchful inner experience. Most remarkable of all is Jess's ability to foster community. She is energetic, caring, inclusive, reliable, intelligent, and oh so kind.” —Lisa

“I've had the privilege of working with Jessica privately and in a class setting, and I must say that the best part about Jessica's teaching is that she not only inspires you to deepen your yoga practice, but also your human experience. Her style is empathetic, encouraging, and grounding. She excels at explanation and truly listening to her students to meet them where they are in that particular present moment. You'll come away with a newfound kindness not only for yourself, but also for your place in our human community.”—Erin B.

“A great yoga experience is all about a great yoga experience is all about a great yoga instructor, and Jessica is exactly that! A great yoga instructor! I’ve worked with her in group classes and in private instruction, and in both, she in wonderful. In group classes, she deftly balances between providing guidance, education and corrections, and also letting you simply enjoy your own practice—whatever it may look or feel like that day. In private instruction, she carefully listens to your goals and objectives and designs customized practices that help you achieve those goals and objectives. She also makes great recommendations for further learning and ways to achieve a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. I cannot say enough good about Jessica—she is truly a great yoga instructor!”—Genhi B.

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