It's impossible to do this work without a community of encouragement and motivation. Jess is profoundly grateful to the following individuals and communities for their continued generosity, education and wisdom.

Deep bow

  • Jim Bennitt and James Tennant, my teachers and co-owners of Tejas Yoga, for their relentless and profound teachings, their generosity of spirit and their boundless depth of wisdom.
  • The diverse and knowledgeable teaching faculty of Tejas Yoga Teacher Training program: Elesa Commerce, Karen Klutznick, Rich Logan, Dianna Oles and Katie Rowe Mitchell; and the teachers at Tejas Yoga, who opened their classroom and their teaching practices to me, from whom I continue to learn each day.
  • The 2014-15 cohort of teacher trainees, who are a supportive, affectionate family of friends and colleagues. Thank you for sharing and studying and talking and listening and growing with me.
  • The Tantricago Crew, who help hold space for a consistent practice and who inspire me with their hard work and dedication, just by being present and encouraging: Monica, Aja, Adam, Pierce, Dianna and Bolananda, the O. G. 
  • Dana Cruz and Andrew Given, who created a consistent space for me to heal and process both physically and emotionally, and who continue to facilitate healing and support.
  • A.J. Barks and Alyssa Schukar, for taking my ideas and turning them into beauty and brilliance.
  • My community of colleagues, friends and family, who've let me put them into postures, talk their ears off about Sanskrit minutiae and give hours of unsolicited Ayurveda advice. I'm grateful for your patience and willingness to put up with me.