Yoga Nidra

3rd Sunday, Monthly | 6-7 pm | Tejas yoga

upcoming date sunday, February 17

Restorative practices are important: not only can they aid in lowering blood pressure and stress levels, and creating more ease and comfort in the body, they also create a space for us to practice witnessing sensations and experiences that we’ve been ignoring, and to connect to our deeper wisdom and intelligence within.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice that creates an opportunity for deep rest, guided relaxation, and with prolonged practice, a heightened sense of self-awareness and even powerful physiological, energetic and relational changes. Coupled with the practice of a sankalpa, or resolution, Yoga Nidra can create a context where you can sow seeds of change and reap its fruits in your day-to-day life. Join Jessica for an evening of gentle practices that will help draw your awareness inward. You’ll share a brief, gentle practice of pranayama and mantra, and then you’ll rest deeply as Jessica leads you through a Yoga Nidra session designed to cultivate rest, nourishment, and healing in the physical and energetic bodies. 

This workshop is open to anyone in need of mental, physical, or emotional rest. Yoga Nidra can be helpful for pain management, insomnia, anxiety, so anyone living with these conditions will benefit from the practice. Wear comfortable clothing you can both relax in, and bring a sweater in case you might get cold.

Participants will:

  • practice cultivating quiet and stillness that allows for profound rest

  • share the opportunity for mantra as a precursor to the practice, to help establish clarity and stillness of mind

  • be able to rest in a safe, judgment-free environment

Yoga experience is helpful but not necessary. Props are available to help create comfort, but students should feel free to bring their own mat, as well as any unique blanket or pillow to help aid in bodily comfort. Modifications to lying down are available. Wear comfortable clothing you can both practice and relax in, and bring a sweater in case you might get cold. 

  • Tejas Yoga is located at 1300 South Wabash Ave, suite 201, one block south of Roosevelt, on the southwest corner of 13th street. It is accessible by the no. 12 bus and the Red, Green, and Orange lines via CTA.

  • Other questions? Call the studio or contact Jess!