Spring Round-up

I often am pretty serious, but from time to time, you can count on seeing some lighter fare here too. Here's hoping we've finally seen the last of snow! Spring has finally arrived in this part of the world, and in that spirit, I thought I'd collect a list of resources to look to prepare for the season. Here's your Spring Round-Up!

  • one of my teachers, Karen Klutznick, has compiled this list of useful, Auyrveda-inspired choices to help cleanse for the spring. 
  • This Spring, I did a five-day kitcheree monodiet. My teacher's recipe is my favorite, but this one looks pretty good too. Beware, it makes a ton, and it thickens something wicked when it cools.
  • Some interesting tips from Chalkboard Magazine, and no juice diet!
  • This page points out the importance of a tongue scraper. I use one every day, not just for detox seasons.
  • From Everyday Ayurveda, a list of foods in season, and how to adjust your diet. 
  • A Spring detox is a great time for a digital detox, not just a phyiscal one. Check out here and here for tips on how to unplug. (Oh, Popsugar... I mean, the name says it all, really. It sounds like something I should detox from. But still, every now and then there's something to what I find there.)